After Telling Justin Bieber To ‘Shut His Bitch Ass Up,’ Nate Diaz And The Biebs Have Squashed Their Beef

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A mere hours after Nate Diaz upset Conor McGregor in the UFC 196, Justin Bieber hopped on Instagram to come to the defense of McGregor who he claims is “a true champion” who “fights with style and finesse.” Bieber then diluted Diaz’s accomplishment by pointing out that “his style is terrible.”

The 30-year-old Diaz, who has proven himself to be a man who speaks his mind, swiftly Instagrammed a wonderful rebuttal.

Biebers a hater 👋🏼

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But recently, after receiving a personalized bong, Diaz has acquired a stoner mentality–squash unnecessary beefs and just live life, man. He posted a picture with Biebs indicating that they’ve buried the hatchet.

All good doe 💯

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Bieber seconded the peace treaty.

All love

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Unrelated but kind of related: Should we post MISSING posters around town for Nate Diaz’s neck?? Where is that thing?

Really unrelated: Spring Break Booty Shaker!

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