I’ma Let You Finish, But: Kanye Gets ‘Taylor Swifted’ At Glastonbury, Covers Queen And Is Trolled By Very Inappropriate Ray J Flag

Not everyone was excited to see Kanye West headline at the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K., in fact there was a Change.org petition to “Cancel Kanye West’s headline slot and get a rock band.” Despite the petition receiving over 134,000 supporters, Kanye took the stage on Saturday night. However one gentleman took exception to the rapper’s appearance and interrupted the performance.

During “Black Skinhead,” a British comedian named Lee Nelson barged on the stage to interrupt Kanye, a la Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA’s. Nelson was wearing a “Leezus” shirt as he danced along, but was quickly removed by security. Yeezus was obviously ticked off and had his DJ restart the track.

Kanye did try to appease the British crowd by covering “Bohemian Rhapsody” by London-based rock legends Queen. He took a page out of Jay Z’s playbook when he covered “Wonderwall” by 90’s English band Oasis in 2008. It turns out that Freddie Mercury he’s fucking not. He even seems to fuck up the lyrics at the :28 second mark.

In what has been a week full of “This Flag Offends Me” sentiments, there is a new entry into offensive banners. An individual at the music festival was flying a flag of Kim Kardashian. Well that’s quite the compliment. This flag (NSFW-ish?) was a screencap of Kim Kardashian giving Ray J head from her 2003 sex tape. Oh. That may ruffle Kanye’s feathers and he would be justified in saying that it offends him.

Kanye had a diverse 30-song setlist with a mix of smash-hit singles, new material and classic tracks.