Bodyguard Kanye West Fired For Talking To His Wife Spoke Up And Shared His Side Of The Story

Yesterday morning I brought you news that Kanye West fired his bodyguard for the most Kanye reason ever. At that time though the story was mostly unsubstantiated rumors that were believed to be true based on Kanye West‘s history of erratic behavior. Well the bodyguard came forth in the interview above and I think that if anything Kanye sounds even more paranoid and crazy than before, what about you bros?

The rumors were swirling that Kanye saw a bodyguard speaking with his wife and went into an absolute jealous rage, firing him before this year’s Met Gala. By the way, that bodyguard is a happily married father of 3 who is a former NYPD officer and has worked with some of the biggest name celebrities in the world, including Leonardo DiCaprio. So needless to say this dude’s body of work speaks for itself. But Kanye’s gonna Kanye and cannot trust another man speaking to his wife, which I guess isn’t all that surprising when you consider that his wife, Kim Kardashian, has one of the most watched sex tapes in the history of mankind and it’s with a man who is not Kanye. That would probably drive me insane too, but that’s life for Kanye, he knew what he was getting himself into the minute he started dating Kim.

(h/t Inside Edition)

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