A Female Comedian Is Suing Katt Williams For Assault And Delivering A Blistering Insult That Would Have Made Me Cry

Comedian Ashima Franklin is suing the oft-troubled Katt Williams for at least $3 million for allegedly assaulting and kidnapping her while they were touring together this year, according to TMZ.

In the suit, Ashima claims Katt and two women viciously attacked her, leaving her with a swollen face and injuries to her chest, arms and legs. When she tried to escape the room, Katt blocked the door.

The alleged altercation came just one day after Katt bragged about having “million dollar bitches” before delivering one of the most blistering insults I’ve read in a while:

“Why am I sitting here with this hillbilly, Alabama, backwoods ass three dollar pussy bitch?”

If someone said that to me I would legit have broken down in tears. And I’m not even from Alabama. No comment on the pussy bitch part.

The lawsuit also claims that the 44-year-old Williams threw hot food in Ashima’s face before asking her why she thought she even had the right to eat.


As a huge fan of his work, the fall of Katt Williams has been tough to bear witness to. While I do believe that The Pimp Chronicles is one of the most electric, laugh-out-loud funny stand-up specials ever, it’s tough to continue to find the humor in it when, well….

[h/t TMZ]

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