Disney Hottie Arrested At Coachella For, Of All Things, Using A Fake ID – Takes A Good Mug Shot

The last time we saw my favorite Disney star Kelli Berglund she was looking like what you see above – awesome. (More excellent pics from the event here.)

Today, however, Berglund, current star of Disney’s Lab Rats: Elite Force, was looking a whole lot different. That’s because this time it was a photo of her posing for a mug shot.

She still looks pretty bae, right?

TMZ reports…

Kelli Berglund — former star of Disney X D’s “Lab Rats” — got arrested at Coachella before the party even started.

Indio PD tells us 20-year-old Berglund was caught last Thursday night with a fake ID. Sources close to the actress tell us she was trying to get into a restricted area to meet up with friends when security spotted the fake and alerted the cops.

As you can see below, this arrest did little to quell her ability to still have a good time at Coachella based on photos from the past few days…

On the plus side, at least she’s 20 years-old and didn’t get busted for DUI when she was 18 like her Lab Rats co-star Billy Unger did a couple of years ago.

I’d have to call that progress.