Is Kendall Jenner Going To Be The Next Victoria’s Secret Model?

kendall jenner victorias secret


It is being reported that Kendall Jenner is on track to become a model for Victoria’s Secret now that they’ve seen what she’s capable of (i.e. underboob) during New York Fashion Week. Hmmm… looks like wishes sometimes do come true.

According to InTouch magazine, Victoria’s Secret is actually courting ‘Kendall‘ to come model for them as they gear up for their next Fashion Show.

“They saw all the buzz she got from walking in New York Fashion Week,” a source exclusively reveals to In Touch. “They’d love to lock in a contract with her.”

And according to the source, the supermodel would be on board too: “Kendall once said her biggest dream was to be an Angel.”

The only issue would be Kendall’s hard-charging momager Kris pushing for too much money. Kendall’s career has skyrocketed since Kris set up a meeting with VS photographer Russell James last year.

Kris Jenner wanting too much money? Noooo. You better not ruin this, Kris. Word is out now, this needs to happen or people (meaning me) will be very upset if it doesn’t. (Others will just be upset if it does happen. Very upset.)

And here I thought Kendall Jenner was “too fat” to be a runway model.

Kendall Jenner image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

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