Watch Kevin Spacey Go Full Bro And Drop An Uncensored F-Bomb At The Golden Globes

Kevin Spacey won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama for his work on House of Cards.

Kevin Spacey’s Golden Globes acceptance speech was pretty much perfect. First, Spacey walks the mile up to the stage with a drink in his hand and takes the drink on stage. Second, Spacey jokes about the award being the “first step in his revenge” but you can tell he’s serious as shit. Next, he drops a perfect F-bomb on the Golden Globes crowd. No one says “fuck” quite like Spacey.

And finally, he gives a heartfelt and humble speech that almost brought a tear to my eyes.

Spacey is now cemented in the classic bro category. Check out Kevin Spacey’s entire Golden Globes speech complete with the magnificent F-bomb.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Spacey’s work in House of Card, the preview for the third season hit the web last night right after Spacey’s win. Get familiar.