Key And Peele’s New Video About Their Awful Wedding Band With 2Chainz Called Absorption Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

We were hit with some good news this morning as it has been reported that the comedy duo will write and produce a new comedy show starring Vine superstar Andrew “KingBach” Bachelor.

News of Key and Peele made me nostalgic for the sketches featured in their show that they recently walked away from after five seasons. Namely the sketches where the duo spoofed NBA commentators, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman, and when Key acted as Obama’s anger translator.

With so many hilarious sketches the two produced, maybe the most popular sketch we’ve posted on this site may be their awful wedding band featuring 2Chainz called Absorption, self-proclaimed as the “supergroup of the best wedding band musicians of all-time.”

The original video is posted below and it’s worth a watch.

[h/t Uproxx]