Key & Peele Used Their Unique Brand Of Comedy To Show How The TSA Has TOTALLY Defeated Al Qaeda

In last night’s ‘Key & Peele’ season finale the comedy duo decided it was time to break out the big guns, and make TSA vs. al Qaeda jokes. Thankfully for them the sketch was hilarious and was received warmly by ALL audiences.

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE found humor in it, but I couldn’t possibly care any less about that one butthurt dude you saw on Twitter who didn’t think it was funny. Key & Peele never miss an opportunity to make things uncomfortable for audiences, and this one started out with PEAK LEVELS of discomfort.

Quickly though things evolved into a sketch about how al Qaeda has been continuously thwarted over the past decade and a half by the TSA and their ridiculous security requirements. This is the same TSA that has the BEST INSTAGRAM account in all of the land.

So if you missed last night’s Key & Peele season finale here’s (probably) the funniest sketch they aired:

Question: was that the dude from ‘New Girl’? I think that was him, but I really can’t be sure. And if it was him, what the hell was he doing in this sketch?


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