Everyone Is Naming Their Kids After the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast

This year, rednecks found revenge. The stars of Duck Dynasty saw parents look to their unusual names for inspiration. The name Korie increased by 89%. Mia rose 44%, while Phil, Sadie and Silas were up 32, 23 and 15%, respectively. To give a sense of how big a jump that is, Korie climbed 13,262 spots on the list from 2012, while Phil jumped 860. That's not a coincidence.

On the other hand, success of a TV show wasn't a great indicator of how well baby names fared in 2013. Breaking Bad's characters ruined Walter. New Mexico's finest meth cook fell 55 spots, and other characters drove their names to also drop. Even Jesse! (Marie, for some reason, is up 21%. Marie was a horrible character. Nothing on this list makes sense.)

Anyway, here's the weirdest takeaway I found: Liam is the no. 3 name in the U.S. this year. Yep. Liam. Is our country growing in badassery?