Lena Dunham Finally Addresses Going Back On Her Word About Moving To Canada If Trump Became President



“I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will. I know a lovely place in Vancouver, and I can get my work done from there.”

Those were the words of Girls creator Lena Dunham back in April, when the media was feeding the general public FAKE NEWS about the state of the Presidential race. But, in Lena’s defense, she was far from the only celebrity who blew hot air about fleeing the country if Donald J. became the President of the United States–Amy Schumer, Bryan Cranston, Ne Yo, Barbra Streisand, Chelsea Handler, Raven-Symone, Chelsea Handler, the list goes on. Now most of those celebrities have left the country, for luxurious vacations, but all have returned and very few of them have addressed their claims.

Nine months later, Lena Dunham has clarified those statements on the Howard Stern Show, the same show she talked about Girls co-star Allison Williams getting her butt eaten on the show (that was actually worth listening to). I digress.

When speaking about her claim to move to Vancouver, Dunham admitted at that time Trump winning “seemed like an impossible joke” that “would never happen. I was like, ‘The most qualified candidate we’ve ever had is running against a steak salesman. We’re going to be fine.’”

[protected-iframe id=”a2dd8d90e6a5300b3b23aa53ce031fc0-97886205-37946113″ info=”//giphy.com/embed/EouEzI5bBR8uk” width=”480″ height=”401″ frameborder=”0″]


Dunham also said that Trump’s win literally prohibited her from putting nutrients in her body.

“Donald Trump became president and I stopped being able to eat food,” she told Stern after he complimented her look. “Everyone’s been asking like, ‘What have you been doing?’ And I’m like, ‘Try soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness and you, too, will lose weight.’”


[h/t Entertainment Weekly]

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