Leslie Jones Met Rickon Stark And Called Him An Idiot For Not Zig-Zagging During ‘Battle Of The Bastards’

I’m a decently big fan of Leslie Jones. Chick’s funny, but approachable. Like, if I was intimidated by her, it’d be because she’s a very independant and tough-spoken comedian. I like that in a woman. There are plenty of women in the world who make me feel inadequate, give me a chick who actually strikes fear in my heart.

Someone who doesn’t strike fear in my heart? The kid that plays Rickon Stark. For one, the kid’s a pipsqueak. For another, whatever, he’s like the lamest Stark. If the entire Stark family were a deck of cards, he’d be like the Joker card that everyone throws away. Amongst his surviving family members, he has the new king of the North, a highly trained assassin, an expert manipulator and the Three-Eyed Raven. Really, the only notable thing to talk about regarding Rickon is the fact that he got merc’ed during the Battle of the Bastards because he ran in a straight line. Which is exactly what Leslie Jones chirped him for.

I think it’s only a matter of time before the kid who played Rickon has his publicists tell the media to stop asking questions about why he didn’t zig-zag. Like, it’s not his fault the writers room was as sick of him as we were. He spent two full season just hanging out in the basement of Lord Umber’s castle. I think everyone had kind of forgotten about him before the writers were collectively like “Oh wait, fuck, we still have Rickon floating around.” You can’t fault an actor whose character is about as exciting as a white bread and mayo sandwich. Ultimately, I think we may soon see the kid who played Rickon become the next child actor whose life totally falls apart at the seams due to an inability to cope with the failed and polarizing early career adults forced on him.