Here’s Lindsay Lohan Showing Up Late for a $100K Appearance and Just Generally Being Awful


Lindsay Lohan’s new show is a mostly unwatchable train wreck, and it’s all the main character’s fault. That main character is unfortunately Lindsay Lohan as a human being.

Imagine you’re watching a movie about a person getting her life back together. Only a lunatic would cast a hero who wasn’t likable or self-aware. In the case of Lohan, though—who’s been to rehab five times and has the personal counsel of mothereffin’ Oprah, so she has some pretty good advisors!—she cannot be likable because she cannot grow as a person. Mistakes are NEVER her own fault. She has this incredible ability to deflect blame. She’s like a two-year-old with chocolate smeared on her face, denying that he had any cookies.

And it results in moments like last night, when she was paid more money than the majority of Americans make in a year to show up to Foxwoods for two hours, and she showed up an hour and a half late and barely fulfilled her contract. She also grumbled the whole time about her incredible good fortune, and when Foxwoods attempted to sue for breach of contract, it totally wasn’t her fault!

She is horrible. And it results in a trainwreck that’s not even guilty fun to gawk at.

[H/T: Guyism]