This List Of Most Hated Celebrities In The World Is Completely Fucked Up

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Some company named E-Poll has come out with their annual list of celebrity likability scores and it is completely batshit.

As for how they came up with these scores E-Poll asked people how much they like a celebrity based on a six-point scale ranging from “like a lot” to “dislike a lot.” The results were then tabulated to give a “likability score” for each celebrity.

First off, this list doesn’t have Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber anywhere on it, so I a have to assume, also based on the celebrities named, that it is comprised of movie stars only. There isn’t a TV person to be found or anyone in the music industry. And that’s fine, as long as we know the parameters. What’s not fine is that it lists 48 celebrities including George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Natalie Portman, and other popular celebrities ahead of everyone’s favorite punching bag Anne Hathaway. LOLWUT? Also, why isn’t Gwyneth Paltrow on this list? Massive fail.

Here are the 20 most hated celebrities along with their “likability score.” (Hathaway came in at 67%.)

1. Sean Penn 39% – No problem.
2. Zac Efron 41% – Really?
3. Joaquin Phoenix 46% – All that weird shit he did.
4. Penelope Cruz 49% – Why?
5. Jessica Chastain 50% – What did she ever do?
6. Tyler Perry 50% – Okay, I get that.
7. Angelina Jolie 50% – SERIOUSLY?
8. Russell Crowe 52% – Understandable.
9. Kristen Stewart 54% – Also understandable.
10. Andrew Garfield 54% – But he’s so cute with Emma!
11. Naomi Watts 56% – Okay.
12. Shailene Woodley 57% – Really?!
13. James McAvoy 57% – Professor X?
14. Ryan Gosling 58% – No way.
15. Danielle Radcliffe 58% – Harry Potter?
16. Brad Pitt 58% – C’mon now.
17. Seth Rogen 59% – Must be anti-pot too.
18. Jamie Foxx 59% – What about him is not to like?
19. Jake Gyllenhaal 59% – Eh.
20. Cameron Diaz 59% – Again, understandable.

Other oddities…

Chris Pratt 26th with 61%, Scarlett Johansson 28th with 61%, Vin Diesel with 60%, and Ben Affleck 30th with 62% (okay, that one makes sense).

The good news? Jennifer Lawrence reportedly got 76% so apparently people haven’t completely lost their minds.

Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt image by PAN Photo Agency/Shutterstock

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