The Madden Team Roasts Dez Bryant In Response To His Complaints About Only Having A 90 Overall Rating

Yesterday, Dez Bryant responded to being given a 90 overall percentage rating in Madden 17. A tad butthurt but also trying to play it off, Bryant had this to say:

Via Dallas Morning News:

“It is what it is,” Bryant said after Friday night’s preseason game against the Miami Dolphins. “We’re just going to see what happens. Like I told Madden, they put me at 90, I’m not worried about that. That rating going to shoot up real quick, you best believe that.”

In a joking tone, Bryant continued on about the disrespectful rating.

“I play Madden, I [expletive] love Madden,” Bryant said. “They would do me like that? Oh my God. That is an insult, like why would you do that to me? How much I love y’all. Like what? Not John Madden, because I love him. It’s the developers.”

Well, these “developers” released video evidence of why his rating was so low, namely the fact that his kicking percentage was essentially zero.

Via EA Sports Madden NFL Facebook:

“Hey Dez Bryant, your kick rating seems to be holding down your OVR.”

Not going to lie, a little childish, but still a bit of a boom roast. Not many ways to come back from video evidence that you deserve the rating you were complaining about without looking like a square. You can’t try and complain further since that already shot you in the foot. So Dez did the next obvious thing. He tried to make it seem like he had never cared from the beginning.

*gets proven wrong* “Oh whatever dude, I was obviously just kidding. Jeez, you guys take thing so seriously all the time. Lighten up.” Ok Dez. We all know you were sitting in your million dollar compound complaining to all your boys about how you got snubbed by Madden and were going to really stick it to them on social media. Did you even play the game before complaining? Or were you just assuming that your catching and running game should just override your inability to kick but still have an equal or greater effect on the competition? Because, if so, ya’ll being more childish than Madden developers. This is why athletes shouldn’t buy/play Madden. It’s the same reason that actors don’t watch their own movies. They get all butthurt about the way they’re portrayed. Just go actually play professional football and let the rest of us enjoy the video game in peace.