A Recurring Character In ‘Making A Murderer’ Has A Front Office Position With The Green Bay Packers


If you haven’t tuned in to the enthralling Netflix series Making a Murderer, why did you click on this post? Thanks for the page view brah, but this post will make as much sense to you as multi-variable calculus does to Brendan Dassey.

I shouldn’t have said that, the poor bastard was mind fucked and manipulated into a jail sentence when all he wanted to do is go home and watch WrestleMania. My heart breaks for the kid.

For those of you who have made it past the first few episodes, you may recognize the face of Mike Halbach, the 32-year-old brother of Theresa Halbach–who was brutally murdered and whose remains were found buried on the Avery property.

Mike has been featured on the show speaking with media after varying stages of the trial, maintaining that Steven Avery is guilty of committing the heinous crime against his 25-year-old sister.

As pointed out by Sporting News editor Chris Littmann, Halbach has a prominent front office job as Director of Football Technology with the Green Bay Packers.

Upon finding this interesting, I also couldn’t help but be surprised–as if the brother of a someone who was inhumanely murdered is incapable of living a perceivably normal life, holding a good job with universally recognizable organization. It’s an irrational, narrow-minded way of thinking, but I blame the Manitowoc Police Department for rubbing off on me.

P.S. This little beta male’s default resting face is “I just shit my pants.”
making a murderer 2

P.P.S. Is it possible to look like more of a weasel? No chance this dude’s dick is bigger than my thumb nail.

making a murderer

[h/t Uproxx]

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