Marvel’s Reaction To ‘Jurassic World’ Breaking Their Box Office Record Was Classic

Over the weekend Jurassic World blew the box office wide open and set a new record for a film’s opening weekend at a whopping $208 million.

That number put them just a tick ahead of the $207.4 million that Marvel’s The Avengers made on its opening weekend moving them into second place all time.

So was Marvel pissed that their record got beaten by the slimmest of margins? I would have been, but nope, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige actually congratulated the Jurassic World folks and especially Chris Pratt on their big win.


Just a hunch, but their graciousness miiiiiight have had something to do with a guy named Star-Lord being the same guy who helped put Jurassic World over the top. Still a pretty bro move though.