‘Matthew McConaughey Making Weird Noises’ Is My New Favorite Viral Video

Matthew McConaughey has been one of my favorite actors since my brother brought home a VHS tape of Dazed And Confused back in the mid ’90s. At the time my brother was living in Austin, where they filmed Dazed And Confused, and his roommates got to be extras in the movie. If you look closely they’re the two dudes sparking a bong towards the end of the movie as the main actors are walking into that huge field party at the Moon Tower. Also, I later found out that all of the weed/marijuana used on set was real because they had a private security firm instead of off-duty police officers.

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Enough about that movie though, I’ve genuinely enjoyed every film Matthew McConaughey has ever been in, even those shitty Romantic Comedies he was pumping out in the late ’90s. It’s clear that Matthew McConaughey was just trying to get paid and he knew that pumping out a bunch of sappy Rom-Coms where he popped his shirt off and shared his six-pack abs was the easiest pathway to a fat paycheck. I’ll never fault a man for wanting to get paid, even if that means he’d leave a dark mark on his acting career by blurting out completely unintelligible noises for a series of films instead of sticking to the dialog. In fact, I think this supercut is proof that the only thing needed to get laid is a strong jawline and six-pack abs. You don’t need to be a smooth talker, you just need to look like Matthew McConaughey and you’re in. Frankly I find that a bit reassuring as I’m one of the most handsome men on the planet, and one of the most humble. But if any of you bros are worried about getting laid then you should just hit the gym like it’s your job.

(h/t TheVerge.com)