McDonald’s Opened A Portal From 1998 To Deliver Szechuan Sauce To ‘Rick And Morty’ Creator

McDonald's Opened A Portal From 1998 To Deliver Szechuan Sauce To 'Rick And Morty' Creator

Rick And Morty

Most people had forgotten about the spicy, yet sweet Szechuan dipping sauce that McDonald’s debuted way back in 1998 to promote the Disney movie “Mulan.” Then interest in the legendary condiment was revitalized in a major way when it was featured on the Season 3 premiere of “Rick And Morty.” Since then a single bottle of the special sauce was purchased on eBay for the price of $14,700. “Rick And Morty” creator Justin Roiland received a huge jug of the precious sauce from a portal from an alternate dimension where it’s always 1998.

Chef Mike delivered the special sauce with the note that said:

“We wish we could have brought more sauce through, but we couldn’t risk keeping a portal like that open. Think about it, if you knew in 1998 that McDonald’s would have All Day Breakfast in 2017, would you want to stay in 1998? Of course not. If we left the portal open, we’d have puka shells, bucket hats, and boy bands as far as the eye could see. It’s too risky, even for a sauce as delicious as this.”

Chef Mike added that “a few lucky fans will get to experience the glory.” Could this mean that the beloved throwback sauce is coming back to a McDonald’s near you? That would surely make everyone ecstatic, except for that dope who paid $14,700 for the teriyaki sauce.

Does this new revelation ruin the arc of the show?

For the rest of us who don’t have a hit TV show that wields enough power to get gallons of the now infamous McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, here’s how you can make your own.