The Official ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Drinking Game


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers gave a lot of kids in the 90s the idea that karate was the most important thing in life—and hopefully most people have by now learned that karate is only important if you live in Angel Grove.

Between the constant giant monsters smashing skyscrapers to the ground, and some old dude in a tube recruiting teenagers with attitude to do his bidding, living in Angel Grove would be more terrifying than living in Detroit, Florida. (Yes, that’s a combination of Detroit’s poor economy and housing market, and Florida’s news-making inhabitants.) But luckily for us, we can watch the mass destruction and heroic battles safely from the comfort of our living room. Netflix has brought the original (and ridiculous) Power Rangers episodes back on instant play, allowing me to create a mighty drinking game to the episodes.

(Toby wrote us, “I watched more episodes than I care to admit” when sending the draft of this article—Editor)

1 Sip

Someone does a flip – 1 sip


1 Drink

  • Anytime you hear, “Go Go Power Rangers” (skipping the opening is optional after your first episode)
  • Any time someone says, “It’s Morphin’ Time”
  • Any time the classic watch noise is made
  • Every time Billy figures something out
  • Every time the Green Ranger calls on his Dragonzord with that triumphant call
  • Every time the White Ranger’s creepy sword comes to life
  • Anytime a villain (Rita or Lord Zedd) makes a monster grow
  • Or says “The Power Rangers”


2 Drinks

  • Any time Alpha says “Ay yi yi yi yi”
  • Any time one or more Puttys fall into pieces
  • Any time Zordon tells someone to look at the viewing globe
  • Every time Bulk and/or Skull falls down or gets food spilled on them
  • Every time the Megazord comes together all the way


5 Drinks

  • A love interest is introduced and then never seen again in future episodes
  • Any time one of the Rangers isn’t wearing their ranger color in an outfit
  • Any time the power weapons all come together

Finish Your Drink or Take a Shot

  • Goldar says “Excellent” (Limit 1 per episode)
  • A new ranger is officially introduced (White Ranger counts)
  • The Green Ranger officially loses his powers
  • Lord Zedd is introduced
  • Rita and Lord Zedd get married
  • Any time an individual Zord defeats the monster instead of the Megazord or Tommy’s Zord (I watched a lot of episodes and I’m not sure if this ever actually happens)


Scaled Drinks

  • 1-5 drinks on how borderline racist and unnecessary it is when Zach bursts into dancing (For example: 1 drink if he’s dancing at a dance and 5 drinks if he starts dancing in the middle of a heated battle.)
  • 1-5 drinks on how bad the voice over is during a scene with Rita – Pick one scene an episode
  • 1-5 drinks on how insanely impossible Billy’s inventions are
  • 1-5 on how cheesy the last few lines are at the end of an episode. (Example of a 5: Billy invented some huge stilts and he fell down. Zach says, “Well Billy, I guess this thing has some ups and downs.” Cue laughter. If the episode is a “to be continued” episode you could measure the intensity of the cliff hanger.)
  • 1-5 on how important of a role Ernie plays in the episode’s plot

Now all you have to do is grab your friends and some booze. It’s morphin’ time.


Toby Davis is a comedian originally from the plains of South Dakota and has been alive ever since birth. Follow him on Twitter here, or like his Facebook page.