Ranking The 30 Most Epic Movie Fights Of The Last 25 Years

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25th and we are finally going to see the biggest two characters in DC comics history square-off against one another on the big screen.

Although Batman v Superman is going to have some of the best fights in cinema history, there have been many of the years that has made us stand up and cheer.

Like in Raging Bull when Robert DeNiro fights Sugar Ray Robinson or in The Karate Kid, Road House, or just about any Chinese movie ever made. All these movies have great fight scenes that remain at the top of the lists.

For this one, we decided to update the rankings and only feature movies from the past 25 years. We have also left off any of the Chinese martial arts films because honestly, they would be the entire list. Every fight scene you are about to see was inspired by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, two legends of movie martial arts.

In an attempt to honor the upcoming slug-fest, we have compiled a list of the Most Epic Movie Fights of the past 25 Years.

(CAUTION: Spoilers ahead, watch out!)

30. Anchorman: Network Brawl

Although it was nothing more than a really hilarious joke, the brawl that happens between all the networks is one of the most brilliant scenes from such an amazing comedy. It probably showed us exactly what the different networks really do think of one another.

29. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Yoda vs. Count Dooku

The CGI used for Yoda is a story for another day. The fact that Christopher Lee fought someone that was invisible makes this one that much more impressive. For a Star Wars fan, however, the excitement of this fight was not the real life circumstances rather the fact that Yoda finally picked up a lightsaber and showed us what he could do with it.

28. Fast & Furious 6: The Runway

Every fight scene from Fast and Furious belongs in the fictional fight scene hall of fame. Each movie had one or two fight scenes that surpassed the previous from the amount of money it cost to the level of realism it possessed. Regardless, it was as entertaining as anything we have ever seen, right?

27. Million Dollar Baby: The Blue Bear vs. Maggie

Maggie Fitzgerald, Hilary Swank, goes from waitress to female professional boxer against all odds and with the help of her reluctant trainer played by Clint Eastwood. The fight scene on this list is the match between Blue Bear and Maggie that is the climax of the entire film. After dominating the match, the Blue Bear hits her with a cheap shot breaking her neck and turning her into a quadriplegic that would ultimately lead to her death.

26. Terminator 2: T-1000 vs. T-800

How can you be a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and not love The Terminator movies? Most importantly, the second one where T-1000 became one of the best movie villains ever. Robert Patrick played the role of a robot villain that lead to not one but two separate fights between T-800 and T-1000.

25. Kick-Ass: Rasul’s Place

Ladies and gentleman, meet Chloe Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl. If you haven’t seen this movie, please do it today. Not only are the fight scenes amazing but the entire movie is just plain epic. Hell, there is another fight scene where Nicholas Cage busts into a warehouse and just destroys everything.

24. Fight Club: Ed Norton vs. Himself

This is the only fight scene that involves only one person. If you saw the movie, you would remember this fight for one reason, shocking. No one expected this until he started to do it. He was dedicated to the cause and ended up kicking his own ass to keep a hand up on his boss.

23. Eastern Promises: Nikolai Luzhin vs. Two Men

No, we aren’t going to post the video of this fight simply because you will see more of Aragorn’s naked body than seen by Arwen. The fight takes place in a sauna where a naked Viggo Mortensen takes on two guys sent to kill him. He gets sliced up badly but still manages to win, even while being 100% naked the entire fight.

22. Inglorious Bastards: German Soldier Bar Shootout

Quentin Tarantino has a gift for film creation. His depiction of fight scenes in his movies can be brutal and very bloody but this one is the worst. Let’s just say, a lot of guns are fired and not too many people walk away from this one alive.

21. Spider-Man 2: Dr.Octopus and a Train

Spider-Man was nearly ruined when Tobey Maguire made a third installment that felt forced at best. However, the second movie in the franchise gave us one of the best villains, Dr. Octopus, and put him on top a train to take on your neighborhood friendly superhero, Spider-Man.

20. Desperado: They All Die!

Maybe you should enjoy this one without us giving you a chance to read about it. Just know one thing, El Mariachi kicks a man into the air and then shoots him up, all within one take. Ok, you can watch it now.

19. Boondock Saints: Copley Plaza Hotel Room

Some movie scenes end up being epic before anyone watching the movie even knows it. The entire Copley Plaza Hotel Room sequence was caused by an accidental falling through the roof but that mistake created an amazing 360 degree blood bath of bullets and death that has led to the cult following of the film itself.

18. Equilibrium: John Preston vs. All

For three minutes, John Preston turns a gun into a weapon of mass destruction, killing just about every single person he needs to in order to get to…well, you need to see the ending of this one.

17. Snatch: Mickey vs. Brick Top

This one fight scene has turned Snatch into a cult classic. More people have watched this movie because of Brad Pitt’s performance as the one-punch gypsy boxer, Mickey.

16. The Dark Knight Rises: Batman vs. Bane

If Bane broke Batman’s back, as he did in The Dark Knight Rises, shouldn’t he have been a bigger villain? Everything was great until Talia al Ghul shows up and we realize Bane is nothing more than a bodyguard of hers. Everything he does loses value.

15. Troy: Achilles vs. Hector

You knew what the outcome of this fight was going to be if you read The Iliad or anything about the Trojan War. But nonetheless, this fight scene was perfectly shot building the tension with each swing of the sword.

14. Gladiator: Crowe vs. Tigris of Gaul

Although Gladiator was full of amazing fight scenes, the one between Maximus and Tigris of Gaul belongs on the list for one reason, Tigers. How bad ass was Maximus? Well, he can beat any opponent in the arena he faces but also, tigers?

13. Grosse Point Blank: Martin vs. Felix LaPubelle

No one expected John Cusack to make this list and neither did we until someone reminded us about a particular scene in the hallway of a high school where a man dies from being stabbed by a pen in the neck. Maybe it was the music that turned this fight into such a classic.

12. John Wick: Home Invasion

After losing his dog and his wife, John Wick is left with nothing but to become the one thing he swore he was finished with, the world’s deadliest assassin. In an attempt to take John Wick out before he has a chance to find the man responsible for the deaths of his family, the Russian mob tries to enter his home and kill him in a massive attack. He had other plans.

11. Inception: A Dream in a Dream

Inception has more parts that leave the viewer confused than Memento. However, there was this one scene that takes place when the gang has to go three levels deep in order to find what they are looking for. It is a scene that defy’s the odds of gravity.

10. The Matrix: The Subway Fight

There are plenty of moments in the Matrix trilogy that could make this list, another one is coming up very soon. But the reason we love this one is because it changes the entire franchise. This the moment that the viewers, as well as the characters on screen, realized that Neo has finally figured it all out and is about to do something to change their world.

9. The Bourne Ultimatum: Waterloo Station

Jason Bourne has a new movie coming out in 2016. We wanted to remind everyone just how amazing this fictional character is and how resourceful he has become over the years.

8. Kill Bill Vol.1: The Bride vs. Crazy 88’s

Uma Thurman isn’t an action movie star, she is just a bad ass woman with a katana sword. She has a chance to prove herself to the viewers as a legit killer when she is forced to fight the Crazy 88’s which turns into one of Tarantino’s best film sequences ever.

7. The Avengers: Avengers vs. Chitauri

Marvel has been known to be the lighter, funnier side of comic book heroes and the movies follow down that same set of rules as they are the polar opposites of any DC movie we have seen so far. So when the climax of the first Avengers gave us a chance to see how dark the world can get, they did not disappoint.

6. 300: Leonidas vs. Persians

How can we possibly pick just one fight scene out of so many in this movie? But since we had to, we decided to go with the montage of Leonidas and his men killing countless Persians in any way imaginable.

5. Taken: Liam Neeson vs. The House

Everyone knows about Liam Neeson’s now infamous quote from the original Taken, right? Well, if you didn’t see the movie, then all we can say is that this is the scene where he meets the men responsible for kidnapping his daughter in their kitchen.

4. The Equalizer: Robert vs. Russian Gang

Denzel Washington is how old in this movie? 59? So when we see the trailer, no one was expecting this one to be believable. But then this scene happens in the movie and our mindsets change immediately. He uses everything in the room to his advantage using time and math to accomplish it all in one of the best fight scenes of all time.

3. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Battle at Helm’s Deep

Yes, we know this is more of a battle than a fight but regardless of how many people or things are involved, this is still a fight, a very badass one.

2. The Matrix Reloaded: The Chateau Fight Scene

Speaking of badass, The Matrix Reloaded earns this spot after that great fight scene between Neo and everyone else that came to the Chateau that day. That scene led to another where all you can see is Neo turning into something bigger and stronger than anyone has ever seen before.

1. Kingsman: The Secret Service: Galahad vs. The Church

Not only was this the greatest fight scene in the last 25 years, it was probably the best ever thanks to perfectly choreographed fighting mashed with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird. It is bloody, disgusting, and yet so amazingly amazing it earned the number one spot.

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