9 Fine Films Filled With The F-Word More Than ‘Casino’ And ‘Goodfellas’

Movies like Casino and Goodfellas have always been noted for their frequent use of the f-word just as much as they have for their other elements. Though their f*** count is high, neither movie cracked the top 10 when it comes to how frequently the f-bomb is used. How’s your mind? Blown much?

We put together this list of the top non-pornographic, English language feature-length films averaging the most frequent f***s per minute. Consider them the jackrabbits of motion pictures, the Wilt Chamberlains of cinema, the Hugh Hefners of visual storytelling.

These movies swear more than a Windows 10 user. More than a Lingerie Football League coach. More than Russell Wilson’s former teammates. More than a d-bag Del Taco manager. More than Adam “Pacman” Jones after an excruciating playoff loss to the Steelers.

What’s most interesting about these nine films is that they all have “fresh” (read: positive) audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Not one is disliked by audiences (read: has a like rating less than 60%). The critics weren’t too happy with some of the flicks on this list, but critics are never happy. And when they are, audiences aren’t. Critics, they’re just (not) like us!

The word f*** is the taboo term used most in American film, so gimme an ‘Merica, f*** yeah! one time. The far filthier version of “fudge”, along with all other swear words, was banned from use in movies for a long time (1930-ish to 1968) thanks to something called the Hays Code. That Hays, such a character!

Nowadays, if the f-word is mentioned once in a movie, that film gets a PG-13 rating. Two or more mentions, that’s an R rating. Superhero movies refused to use the f-train until Deadpool came along and now everyone in tights and/or cape has suddenly acquired the superhuman ability of swearing. Suicide Squad might need more re-shoots to make our list.


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