Watch 30 Minutes Of In-The-Dark Multiplayer Gameplay For Battlefield 1’s New Nivelle Nights Map

A lot of times, combat video game producers forget that a lot of war was conducted during the night hours. Just because the sun went down during World War I, does not mean that Allied Forces stopped firing their howitzers at Central Power troops. In many video games, we only get to fight during the day, but the newest map for Battlefield 1 shrouds you in darkness and sometimes confusion.

The latest DLC for Battlefield 1 is titled “Nivelle Nights,” and it was revealed at EA’s E3 2017 presentation. In Nivelle Nights, you will take up arms in the trenches of Northern France where Franco-British forces attempt to break through German defenses on the Western Front. Only the moonlight, swaying searchlights, and quick flashes of artillery and gunfire give you any light to spot your enemy in the shadows. The 30-minute multiplayer gameplay featured 64 players in the session you see above.

According to Electronic Arts, Nivelle Nights will be available for Premium Pass holders in June. A second night map, Prise de Tahure, will be released “shortly.”

Here’s the teaser trailer for an upcoming Russian campaign for Battlefield 1 titled “In the Name of the Tsar.”

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