Watch Nick Kroll Perfectly Make Fun Of ‘Bro Country’ Music

Apparently last night was the last-ever episode of Nick Kroll’s The Kroll Show on Comedy Central. I didn’t even realize it was the last episode until I read Deadspin’s loving In Memorium to the sketch show. I’m going to miss it, especially “Pawnsylvania“, the sketch that perfectly mocked the idiosyncratic stereotypes of my home state, Pennsylvania.

A few weeks ago Nick Kroll perfectly made fun of so-called “Bro Country” music, the genre of country music that gloats ad nauseam about girls daisy dukes, pick-up trucks, and drinking Bud Heavys down at Pappy Jack’s old wateringhole.

Kroll’s lampooning of Bro country is absolutely perfect, because all popular, made-for-radio country music sounds the same these days.

Happy trails, Nick Kroll.

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