Nicole Curtis Is Just One Of Many Reasons Every Bro Should Watch ‘Rehab Addict’

Nicole Curtis is the hottest thing going in hardware and home referb. Host of Rehab Addict on HGTV and DIY, Curtis spends her time refurbishing horrific old houses throughout Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio.

Here’s more about Nicole Curtis’ and Rehab Addict from her official bio:

“A self-taught home rehabber and designer, Nicole Curtis is also a mom, a master of salvage picking and a spirited advocate for saving old houses and rebuilding communities. Resourceful, creative and always in motion, Nicole is hands-on with all of her projects and wouldn’t have it any other way. Her work reflects her passion for repurposing and creating amazing budget-minded designs.

In Rehab Addict, her series that airs on DIY Network and HGTV, Nicole harnesses her experience with interior design, contracting and real estate to rebuild neighborhoods one house at a time in Detroit and Minneapolis.”

While Nicole’s work on Rehab Addict is amazing, we’d live in any one of her refurbished homes, it was something else that got our attention. She’s not too shabby to watch work, especially in her tight T-shirts, tank tops and jeans that work almost as hard as Nicole does. She’s smoking hot and works with tools.

Alright, so beside Nicole Curtis, there are a few other reasons for guys to watch Rehab Addict. Here are four more reasons to check out the show.

Being Handy Scores With Women

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you there’s nothing sexier than a man who knows how to fix anything and everything. Busted appliances, broken doors, bashed in fences or anything that needs attention, a woman would much rather watch her bro giving it a little TLC than some random, gnarly repairman. Unless she’s into the whole “repairman fantasy.” In that case you’ll want to suggest role play AND a joint trip to Home Depot for supplies.

Being Handy In General 

You’re going to eventually own a home. You could spend a ton of scratch to get shit fixed or just do it yourself for way less money. Plus, when something is busted, you can start working on it immediately and not have to worry about calling a guy, waiting for a guy, paying a guy and wondering if a guy is ripping you off. Hint — he probably is ripping you off.

Power Tools

Watch one episode of Rehab Addict and Nicole Curtis will have you itching to run to the store for every available saw, drill and nail gun available. “Do you have one tool that does everything? Show me something in the SAWDRILLNAIL department. I want to fix up my house AND arm myself in case of an alien takeover.

Knocking Down And Building Up

There’s something incredibly caveman about watching a house get ripped down to the floorboards and studs and then built back up into something new and awesome. Watching Nicole Curtis take a sledgehammer to a wall of kitchen cabinets is almost pornographic. Take one hot girl, give her a tool of destruction, and let her go HAM on formica counters. It’s probably a category on PornHub but I refuse to look.

Well, that’s my sales pitch. I’m recommending the show to every bro out there, and if you need more reasons, I’d like to label these photos as “more reasons.”

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