Obama Threw Shade At Kendall Jenner Last Night At The WHCD And It Was Beautifully Executed


On Saturday night, President Obama participated in the final White House Correspondents’ Dinner of his presidency. He did not disappoint. A relaxed POTUS had jokes for days, confidently delivering barbs aimed at Trump, Ted Cruz, and Hillary with flawless timing.

Obama did not just keep his jabs relevant to the political landscape, as he took aim at 20-year-old Kendall Jenner, relying his experience he had meeting her backstage.

“We had the chance to meet her backstage and she seems like a very nice woman,” Obama said of Jenner. “I’m not sure what she does but I’m told my Twitter mentions are about to go through the roof.”

Kendall has 17 million followers on Twitter, dwarfing the official White House Twitter account of 10 million followers–which is a telling indicator of the current state of our society.

Jenner took the joke in stride, as the camera panned to her laughing. I guess when you’re a multi-millionaire and the President of the Free World is making jokes about you before you’re legally allowed to take a sip of alcohol, there’s not much to be spiteful about.


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And if you missed me getting Kylie Jenner’s tattoo etched on my body for the remainder of my existence, check it out below. Sorry mom.

[h/t Daily Mail]