What are the Most Overrated and Underrated Movies in History?

by 5 years ago


It’s about damn time an intrepid mind applied analytics to the film industry. Now, once and for all, we can agree which movies are wildly underrated and which are woefully overrated.

Benjamin Moore, a PhD student in Scotland, used data collected from Rotten Tomatoes to determine which movies had the biggest disparity between viewers and critics. He charted his findings in several snazzy charts and graphs. Nate Silver would be proud.





His findings are illuminating, but also a little confusing. Like, who enjoyed Stuart Little 2? Who was so unsatisfied with how the first Stuart Little ended that they needed the second installment? And who didn’t love Grandma’s Boy? I don’t want to even conceive of such a person.

Go ahead and dive in to see if your cinematic taste is an outlier.

[H/T: Benomics]