The Pistol Shrimps Are The Hottest Pickup Basketball Team In America, Seriously

the pistol shrimps

Vimeo - Ryan Corrigan

Never heard of The Pistol Shrimps? Join the club, but when I tell you that it’s a pickup basketball team based in Los Angeles whose point guard is Aubrey Plaza, red carpet photobomber, you can see how one could make the claim that they’re the hottest pickup basketball team in America.

The team’s other members include Melissa Stetten, Stephanie Allynne, Paisley Grey, Neelo Noory, Amanda Lund, Angela Trimbur, Maria Blasucci, Molly Hawkey, Paula Brunelle, Kelly Vallon, Tali Levi-Couch, Tara Schalick and Ally Stoltz. Stetten is the only one I have heard of before (because she’s a rather attractive model and one of the funniest women on Twitter) but the rest of the team as you can see from the hilarious commercial they put together (below) are nothing to sneeze at either.

Due to their status as the hottest pickup basketball team in America GQ sat down with them for one of the funniest interviews I’ve read in some time.

Some of the comments include, “I don’t like the foul rules. I like to foul.” and “I hate that you can’t wear jewelry, ’cause I would like to look more blinged out on the court.”

But the best comment has to go to Angela Trimbur, an actor/writer/dancer, when they were asked how the team will deal with their inevitable rise to fame that will cause friction between members of the team, who replied, “The only friction we would feel is when we have a group celebratory scissoring session.”

Awesome. You really need to go read the whole interview after you check out their commercial, which has this perfunctory description: “See the Pistol Shrimps play every Tuesday night at some gym in LA. Cool!”

I think I love these women.

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