Robert De Niro Doesn’t Care For Any Of That Fluffy, Pansy Stuff In This Funny ‘Cookin’ With Bobby’ Sketch

robert de niro cookin' with bobby

Everyone thinks they can do a killer Robert De Niro impression, but comedian Josh Robert Thompson absolutely nails it in this sketch called, “Cookin’ with Bobby”…

JRT perfectly captures old school De Niro. Not The Intern Bobby D. Goodfellas De Niro. “People like you in your Prius with your little Obama sticker, oh, I’m changing the word, look I’m eating kale every day, my burps smell like shit, guess what, when that semi comes along and crushed your little f*ckin’ twig car, you’re f*ckin’ dead, so it doesn’t matter what you eat.”

It feels so good hearing Robert De Niro swear again. Like when he said “horse cock” in Dirty Grandpa. Or when he told the founder of a $2.8 billion with a ‘b’ tech company “I don’t give a f*ck who you are” to his face. Or when he told NYU’s graduating class of 2015, “You’re f*cked“.

Even better than his mastery of profanity is his ability to lose his shit. Just watch this supercut of him losing his shit and tell me you don’t get goosebumps a lil’ bit. Just a lil’ bit.

You might recognize JRT (Josh) as the robot sidekick Geoff Peterson on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson or his voice, which has been heard on Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show and in video games like Final Fantasy and Call of Duty. He’s also the voice of fake Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Howard Stern Show. Follow Josh on YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | his official site.


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