The Rock Made a Literal Fuckton of Money on Movies Last Year

by 4 years ago


I had no idea what a Fuckton of money was until just now. It was always a nebulous, abstract concept. Like a bajillion. But now I know exactly what a Fuckton of money is. Because it is how much Dwayne Johnson made making movies the past twelve months.

The answer? Fifty-two million fucking dollars.

And that was only enough to make Johnson the second highest-paid actor in the world over that time span. First was Robert Downey, Jr., who made 1.44 Fucktons of money ($75 million).

Third, fourth and fifth on the list are Bradley Cooper (0.81 Fucktons), Leonardo DiCaprio (0.75 Fucktons) and Chris Hemsworth (0.71 Fucktons).


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