Nine Things You Never Knew About ‘Saving Private Ryan’


Given the sheer number of incredible films about the topic that have been made over the years, it’s virtually impossible to name the best war movie of all time. You can try to make the argument easier by breaking the genre down into specific eras, but if you’ve ever found yourself arguing with someone about the second half of Full Metal Jacket, you know firsthand how futile it can be.

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk threw its hat into the ring this weekend on its quest to become the best WWII movie ever made, and while the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, there’s only one movie it can really be measured against: Saving Private Ryan. Steven Spielberg’s epic was released in theaters almost 20 years ago today, and we put together a few things you probably didn’t know about the movie to celebrate its anniversary.

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Apologies in advance if this post makes you sit down for three hours tonight to rewatch this masterpiece.

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