A Very Bewildered Scott Stapp, Frontman From Creed, Reviews ‘Creed’ The Movie

Just when you thought you would never have to hear the name “Scott Stapp” ever in your entire life, Funny Or Die unearthed him from oblivion. Thanks a fucking lot Funny Or Die. But it’s actually pretty funny because Scott Stapp, the lead singer from Creed, reviews the latest Rocky movie titled… “CREED.” Get it?

Stapp mistakenly thinks that the movie Creed is about his band Creed, when it actually pertains to Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Creed.

This video is by far the greatest thing that Scott Stapp has contributed to society. Yes, I understand that isn’t saying much.

Now let’s just hope that there’s never a Rocky movie about a character named “Nickelback.”

Yes even better than his “Marlins Will Soar” song, the anthem for the Miami Marlins.