Selena Gomez Is A Lost Cause At This Point: She’s Reportedly Back With Justin Bieber, Cue Puking

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Whatever Selena, if you wanna take a fat dump on any chance you ever had of future happiness then go ahead, it’s your life not mine. Sure Justin Bieber is worth millions of dollars, but so are you (I assume). You don’t need him. You know what you need? A Tinder account, or at least a profile. I hear fat people catfish on sites like “Match” a lot, but give any woman the choice between dating Chris Farley or Justin Bieber and anyone who hasn’t had a recent lobotomy would pick Farley.

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But from the looks of it Bieber’s got Selena stuck in some voodoo mind spell, because the two are reportedly back together…maybe.

Rumors are flying that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together after roughly five years of on-and-off dating turmoil. This time, blame Hillsong preacher Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Rich shared this SnapChat video on Wednesday — and it instantly took the Internet by storm.

E! News also states the maybe on-again couple were at the same mass on Sunday.(via)

Here’s the video. I watched it without sound on because my headphones are too far away for me to reach them, but it looked like Selena was happy. Ew. Happiness.

So there you have it folks: undeniable proof that Selena Gomez enjoys masochism. Why else would she put herself through the Bieber Blender over and over again? Barf. Puke. Why. Ugh.

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