Shaq’s Latest ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ TV Spot Is Perfectly Shaqtastic

Shaq has taken to retirement with a ‘zero fucks given’ attitude, which was obvious after he basically sold is soul to the devil and signed a multi-million dollar contract that basically allows his name/rights to be used for just about anything. This on the other hand, this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive TV spot from Shaq is perfectly Shaqtastic, and I mean that in the best of ways.

I’m not sure why exactly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is throwing money at Shaq (more realistically at the people who own the rights to Shaq’s life) because the game’s been out since 2012, but I’m not mad about it. If I had my way every commercial on TV would feature Shaq, he’s one of the most likable athletes in the history of professional sports. I just hope that Shaq doesn’t get too much into CS:GO, because from what I’ve heard the prepubescent tweens playing that game can be pretty brutal if you’re wearing a headset, and Shaq Daddy deserves none of that.

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