Slim Charles From ‘The Wire’ Was Stabbed; Wants Everyone To Know He Also Lost His Phone

Anwan Glover, best known for his portrayal of Slim Charles in “The Wire,” had a pretty shitty weekend in DC.

According to ABC 7 –

Glover told investigators he was at Café Asia early Sunday when an unknown person punched him and another person hit him on the head. Glover told police he was then kicked repeatedly and felt sharp pain in his side.

Who’s the asshole who brought a knife to a punch and kick fight? Glover is a soldier though, and was released from the hospital after being treated for a laceration to his torso. As if getting stabbed isn’t a big enough damper to one’s weekend, he took to Instagram and posted the following message to his fans –

Dude lost his damn phone. Honestly, losing a phone is such a pain in the ass, especially if you haven’t backed up your photos and contacts, I’d almost prefer getting stabbed. Having both happen in the same night is like, come on!

On the bright side, that Instagram was posted two days ago, and he said he’d be getting a new phone “tomorrow,” which was yesterday, so if you wanna shoot him a text of well wishes, now’s the time.

I’ve also never seen anyone so effectively use the red 100 emoticon. It’s one of the trickiest emoticons to pull off, but Anwan nailed it. Very appropriate use of that emoticon.

All in all, pretty bad ass reaction after getting stabbed and losing your phone. If it were me, I’d be wayyyyy less understanding. I would most certainly not be spreading love; I’d probably be spreading a flyer that said whoever brings me the head of the guy that stole my phone will be rewarded handsomely.