SNL: You Know How The Bully Always Gets Their Comeuppance In Movies? Not In This ‘Karate Kid’ Spoof With John Cena

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In the movies, it’s always a fairytale ending with the bully getting their comeuppance for their cocky shithole ways. Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story, Buzz from Home Alone, Biff from Back to the Future, and Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid all got punished by the end of the film for their bullying ways. Well, guess what? Life isn’t a Hollywood movie and sometimes the bully just kicks your ass and lives a happy life with no retribution. FUCK YOU BILLY SULIVAN! I’LL GET YOU BACK ONE OF THESE DAYS FOR STEALING MY STARTER JACKET IN 8TH GRADE!!! This Saturday Night Live skit confronts the Hollywood ending of movies and takes a giant, steamy shit on them.

SNL parodies the beloved 1984 classic flick The Karate Kid with WWE star John Cena as the bully. Cena plays Sammy “the human freight train” Knox and fights a well-trained opponent at the San Fernando Valley Karate Championships. He is quintessentially every 80s high school villain that kicks the nerd’s ass and steals his girlfriend.

Kenan Thompson’s Mr. Miyagi character bequeathed training and wisdom to Mikey Day’s Ralph Macchio-esque good guy Jeffy Le’Hart. Yet it is not enough. Not even close. Turns out that a mountain of a man like Cena can destroy a much smaller opponent with only a few powerful punches.

Knox gets the “W” for his Kobra-Kai-esque Wolf Claw Dojo by punching Le’Hart through several walls.

The moral of the story is that life isn’t always a Hollywood movie with a happy ending and John Cena makes for a great 80s villain.

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