SNL: Larry David’s Probable Last Appearance As Bernie Sanders Sees Him Down Beers With Hillary

Last night was the season finale of Saturday Night Live, it was also likely that it was Larry David’s final appearance as Bernie Sanders and he did another brilliant job of playing himself as well as the Vermont senator as he danced the night away with Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon.

The two rivals who are both bidding for the Democratic presidential nomination, took time away from the pandering and squabbling to have a few beers at a bar and discuss the bitter fights during the Democratic primaries. In the cold open of SNL, Hillary is gloating about winning the nomination despite the system that is perceived by many to be rigged. “I’ve done it! I’ve won the nomination!” Clinton said to the bartender. “I mean, no I haven’t, and I keep losing states, but mathematically — I’ve done it!”

She turns and looks back to see Sanders and says, “Oh, hi, Bernie. I didn’t see you sitting behind me…so far behind me you can never catch up.”

The politicians decide to celebrate and wallow with a few beers. Sanders orders “a new brand that people are flocking to — something refreshing, something that draws crowds.” Clinton then tells the bartender, “I’ll have whatever beer no one likes but gets the job done.”

They start talking about their campaigns when Sanders laments, “Remember when I told everyone to stop talking about your damn emails? What a schmuck!” Clinton laughs and says, “That could’ve taken me down!”

Hillary rubs it in Bernie’s face, “Remember those states where you beat me by a lot, but I still won the delegates?” Hillary currently has a huge lead over Bernie in delegates leading him 2,293 to 1,533, you need 2,383 delegates for the Democratic nomination. This lead comes despite Sanders’ winning the elections in many states.

Then they give a toast to DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, before ending things in a hilarious dance through the SNL studios.

SNL does not return until the fall, so this is probably the last we’ve seen of David playing Sanders and it’s been a great run.

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