SNL: Peter Dinklage Got ‘Naked And Afraid’ With Leslie Jones And She Tried To Eat Tyrion

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Peter Dinklage hosted this week’s Saturday Night Live and he got to star in a parody of the reality TV show Naked and Afraid, Celebrity Edition. He got the opportunity to strip down to his birthday suit and try to survive the harsh conditions of the wilderness with an equally nude SNL cast member Leslie Jones. Dinklage would not be my first choice of Game of Thrones stars to be naked, but it will have to do.

Dinklage has survived his share of excruciatingly fearsome scenarios on Game of Thrones, but this show may be even more demanding. Tyrion Lannister would have to survive 21 days with Jones, “a feat no man has ever achieved.” Dinklage had a high survival rating because he was a vegetarian and his combat training from Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, Jones had a boost in her survival rating because she survived Compton.

The GoT star showed his survival instincts by building a shelter and bringing a fire starter, meanwhile Leslie’s one item she brought to the table to persevere in the forest was Frank’s RedHot Sauce. And yes, she put that shit on everything. Twigs, leaves and even Dinklage when she turned to cannibalism because she was so hungry and called him a “tasty morsel.”

Things quickly turn sexual as Jones eyes Dinklage’s Peter. The duo sleep with each other and Leslie ends up crushing Dinklage, then puts her hand in his crotch citing, “This is the warmest spot.” Leslie complained about Peter’s “whining,” and Peter called Jones a “real horndog.”

But the important part is that they both survived! Tyrion may prefer to have spend three weeks with Stone Men or even Cersei Lannister instead.


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