Behind The Scenes With ‘South Park’: How Trey Parker Gets His Daughter To Record Voices For Ike

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If you’ve been a lifelong viewer of South Park then you already know that Ike Broflovski is Kyle’s younger brother adopted from Canada. I’ve always been curious as to how the special sauce of Ike’s voice gets made and it turns out to be much simpler than I could’ve ever imagined.

Instead of some old man (Trey Parker or Matt Stone) sitting in a sound mixing booth trying to sound like a toddler they just enlist the help of an actual toddler, Trey Parker’s daughter. He shared this clip on his Instagram 4 days ago, and it’s a rare look at what goes on behind the scenes while South Park gets made.

A secondary clip, one showing the editing process, is pretty f’n good too because you get to see a grown ass man laughing his face off after convincing his toddler daughter to drop strings of profanity:

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