Steve Harvey Talked About All The Dumbass Answers He Hears As Host Of ‘Family Feud’

steve harvey seth meyers

YouTube - Late Night

Family Feud is a great show to watch if you enjoy seeing people say really dumb shit, which is made all the more entertaining by the fact that host Steve Harvey is not afraid to call people out when they say really dumb shit. His reactions are many times even funnier than the answers themselves.

So last night as Harvey sat down with Seth Meyers he shared a few of the craziest answers he’s heard during his tenure, highlighted by a story where the question was: “If a robber breaks into the house, what’s the most unexpected thing he would hate to run into?”

Most people would answer something like “an owner with a gun” or “a dog.” Oh no… those would make wayyy too much sense. Harvey’s reaction to this guy’s answer is typical of what anyone who watches the show sees on an almost daily basis. Priceless.

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