Steve-O Attempted An Insane Stunt, Broke Bones In Both Legs, And I’m Pretty Sure Ankles Aren’t Supposed To Bend Like That

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A year ago, Steve-O revealed that he has broken a total of 12 bones doing stunts, 22 if you count broken teeth. Welp, we can add a shattered right ankle (in three places) and a broken left heel to that running total after the 42-year-old catapulted himself off a wooden porta potty doing a  stunt Sunday in San Diego.

According to TMZ, pro skating legend Danny Way drove a car underneath him, shattering the porta potty, while Tony Hawk recorded the entire thing.

It didn’t work without flaws. Steve-O dislocated and broke his right ankle. He says doctors set it in a temporary cast, and once the swelling goes down, he’ll need to put a metal rod in there. His left heel is shattered, which will likely confine him to a wheelchair for the foreseeable future.

This is his right ankle. Gnarly.


Steve-O Snapchat

steve-o 2

Steve-O Snapchat

Worst part of the entire scenario is that Steve-O can’t take the pain pills since he’s a recovering addict. That’s the true tragedy in all this.

[h/t TMZ, LADbible]

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