Sylvester Stallone Tells Story of How His Hatred for Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Him Do ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’


Man, Sly must have really hated Arnold if he was willing to subject himself to decades of ridicule after starring in the cinematic case of the Hersey squirts known round the world as Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot. That’s some next-level hate if you’re so blinded by it that you get tricked into doing Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot. Starring in a porno looks better on your resume than that pile of human debris. Got to respect his thirst for competition, though.

During his sit down with Jimmy Fallon last night on The Tonight Show, Stallone also talked about that time he auditioned for the role of Hans Solo in Star Wars. Could you imagine that movie with Stallone in it? Yeah, neither could George Lucas, or the rest of the population.

Also, remember this adorable moment in time?

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