Grab A Cannoli, We’re Ranking The Most Intimidating Moments From ‘The Godfather’

When you think of intimidation tactics, you often conjure up massive, muscle-bound pro wrestlers hulking out, or stare-downs at UFC weigh-ins: posturing, flexing, gesturing, big, noisy, brash and flashy. However, it’s the quieter, more subdued approach that can send an even stronger message. No movie in the history of cinema has perfected that hushed threatening tone better than The Godfather.

Of course, anyone can deliver veiled threats, it’s the paisans that can put their money where their mouth is who prosper (and eventually perish). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled a Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget or Skeletor from He-Man or Megatron from Transformers and been like, “You’ll pay for this, (insert name of person who wronged me)!” And, then… nothing. My sh*t list grows by the minute, so my vengeance is on back-order for a while.

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If you’re taking notes, stop. Pick up this Godfather notebook instead. They’ve done all the work for you. It’s like a Cliff’s Notes for cut-throat enterprising and it might even have you yodeling the theme song like this guy. Once you’ve built your empire, make a bid on The Godfather house, which was last valued at $3 million. Just don’t claim you’ve watched the movie six times when you can’t quote a single scene like LeBron James.

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