Evaluating Bobby ‘The Waterboy’ Boucher As a Legit NFL Prospect

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Some of you, much like myself, may have happened to catch The Waterboy screening over on ABC Family last night. I’m not a big ABC Family guy myself, but whenever I get the opportunity to watch Bobby The Waterboy Boucher crack some skulls out there on the gridiron, I’ll take it, dammit. The Waterboy details Boucher’s meteoric rise to collegiate super-stardom and easily takes the cake as one of the best sports films in American cinematic history.

As you may recall, the last we saw of Boucher came on the heels of a historic freshman season that had pro scouts across the league salivating. However, Boucher, against his father’s wishes, decided to put his professional career on hold and return to school in order to continue his gridiron dominance in pursuit a college degree. But one can’t help but wonder, if and when Boucher had decided to test the waters of the NFL, what kind player would he be projected as?

For the sake of NFL training camps opening up this week, signaling the unofficial official start of pro football, let’s all channel our inner analyst and break down Boucher’s pro prospects.

Bobby Boucher, MLB/OLB

School: SCLSU

Hometown: Jackson’s Bayou, LA

Height: 5’10

Weight: 185

NFL Experience: Rookie

Player Update:

Physically, Boucher put together a solid combine, not blowing the doors off anybody, but not hurting his draft stock either. Boucher cruised to a solid 40 time of 4.59, not too shabby for a linebacker. Where Boucher really stood out were the drills that highlighted his lateral quickness and explosive abilities. Boucher posted a combine best shuttle run and a positional best vertical leap, which confirmed scout’s analysis that Boucher’s ability to hurdle blockers and roam sideline to sideline will translate well to the next level.

Where Boucher raised some eyebrows, however, were the off-field portions of OTA’s this spring. Boucher did not perform well in the interview process and it was even reported that Boucher struck an unnamed reporter when he asked prodding questions pertaining to Boucher’s mother. The reports went unconfirmed, however. Boucher was also grilled about his highly publicized eligibility issue in which his college coach forged a transcript that allowed Boucher to maintain eligibility.

In addition, Boucher’s significant other, Vicki Valencourt has a litany of legal issues and an extensive criminal record. While Boucher has never been directly linked to any legal issues, his association with a known felon has drawn the ire of several NFL executives and raised several “red flags.”

The-waterboy (1)


All you have to do is look at the tape to realize Boucher possesses an unrivaled ability to make plays on the defensive side of the ball-let’s face it, dude’s a playmaker. Boucher also performed at a high level against top competition. Boucher led the Mud Dogs to an upset victory over Clemson, blocked and returned a FG attempt for the win against Iowa, threw a player in the stands against Louisville, and threw the game winning touchdown against Louisiana in one of the biggest upsets in modern college football history. Boucher also set NCAA records for sacks in a single game and season.


Several scouts have expressed major concern regarding Boucher’s size. At 5’10, 185 lbs, Boucher is vastly undersized for an NFL linebacker prompting some to even suggest a move to safety. Others feel that Boucher’s size will not be an issue, as evidenced in the Bourbon Bowl, where Boucher power bombed All American Louisiana DE Greg Meany, a first round pick this season.

In addition, some have questioned Boucher’s ability to adjust to the new player safety rules. Boucher’s violent style of play that has been self described as “tacklin’ fuel” relies heavily on launching, targeting, and helmet-to-helmet collisions.  If Boucher struggles to adjust to the new rules, he may struggle to stay on the field, as flags, fines, and suspensions will surely be headed his way.


Boucher’s instincts and playmaking ability will make him an impact player at the next level. The only real question is in what capacity, as Boucher’s size may limit snaps and his ability to be an every down player. Make no mistake though, Boucher could very easily contend for sack titles and defensive MVP awards sooner than later.


2014 Projected Statistics:

Tkl: 92.0      

Sck: 8.5      

FF:  3       

FumRec:   1.0        

PassDef: 5.0               

TD: 2     

INT: 2

Safety: 1

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