The trailer for the upcoming Entourage movie dropped on Tuesday like a frat pledge after hitting a gravity bong, and bros nationwide are a-buzz. For the millennial bro, the HBO comedy defined a generation. It taught them important lessons like how to act like a douchebag, how to objectify women, how to dress like an idiot, and, most importantly, how to be a bro of the highest caliber.

But the trailer begs the question: Is Entourage still representative of the Modern Bro? Are the bro lessons of the mid- to late aughts still applicable to today’s brociety?Let us break down how Bro (and Not Bro) this new trailer is.

An establishing shot with fancy skyscrapers and signs in a foreign language: Bro.

EDM and a DJ in a hoodie: Bro.

Guyliner: Not Bro.

Police and heavy artillery: Bro.

Violence and bodily functions: Bro.

Cool-looking gadget with unspecified function: Bro.


Insisting you did the right thing, even though you did the wrong thing (subtext: “ACTUALLY”): Extremely Bro.

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