Tom Hanks Ripped Into Donald Trump And Then Professed His Love For Hillary Clinton During Interview For ‘Inferno’

The only upside, that I can glean, that comes from being a celebrity is the money. Everything else sucks. Sure, some people like how being famous feeds their massive ego and satisfies their desire to be loved, but fuck all that. The money is the only upside. Although I have heard being able to just grab chicks by the pussy is a real perk. (I kid.)

I say that fame sucks because in 2016 fame also comes this sudden responsibility to be outspoken about real life shit even if you don’t want to be. Everyone asks your opinion about everything going on in the world and like you’ll see with Tom Hanks here, it’s a lose/lose situation. That’s why Michael Jordan never did it. But we live in a different time, and people demand their heroes to at least pick a side. And yesterday, during a few interviews for his new movie Inferno, Tom Hanks, who, in April, said, “America will be fine” if Donald Trump becomes president, drastically changed that stance when asked about Trump’s “GRAB THEM BY THE PUSSY” comments and the 2016 Presidential Election.

This is an impossible and unfair question for celebrities to answer. It’s one that made Tom Brady end a press conference. Was that the right move? I don’t know, but Hanks didn’t walk away like Brady did. Instead, he leaned in.

Oddly, Hanks uses the same “root canal” scenario in both interviews to describe why he no longer thinks “America will be fine” if Donald Trump becomes president

Walk away, or deflect is probably what Tom Hanks should have done. Sure, he is right to outwardly oppose Trump’s comments and behavior,

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