Watch the Trailer for the New Ben Affleck-Justin Timberlake Gambling Movie, ‘Runner Runner’

Jokes aside, Runner Runner does look like a fun continuation of the always-entertaining poker genre—it's even written by Rounders' Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

My only issue: The trailer pretty much lays out the entire plot. The ENTIRE thing, even several twists you might not have seen coming. You're basically ponying up $12 to see five minutes of surprises and Justin Timberlake's freakishly high-pitched voice come September 27. (Why do studios continue to ruin films with these spolier-heavy trailers? You know what was a good trailer? The Master's. Looked cool, the music was great, and it told you nothing. It turns out the actual movie made no fucking sense, but still.) 

[H/T: Entertainment Weekly]