‘Unnecessary Censorship’ Puts The Presidential Candidates On Blast And This Is Better Than ‘Bad Lip Reading’



This week’s ‘Unnecessary Censorship’ from Jimmy Kimmel has put all of the U.S. Presidential candidates on blast for the steady stream of verbal diarrhea that spews from their mouths like an erupting volcano.

What I love the most about this is instead of doing the typical ‘Unnecessary Censorship‘ on Jimmy Kimmel Live they could’ve actually spliced together clips of all the farcical candidates in this year’s election and that alone would’ve made for one amazing clip. Instead Jimmy Kimmel Live stuck with their status quo of ‘Unnecessary Censorship’ and it’s somehow the best one of these supercuts that they’ve put together in years, and it’s all due to the incredible amount of source material they’re working with right now:

I said above that this clip is better than Bad Lip Reading and I genuinely mean that. During the current election cycle ‘Bad Lip Reading’ has dropped videos for both GOP Debates and Democratic Debates, they even threw in a special ‘Bad Lip Reading: Ted Cruz‘ video for good measure. What BLR has failed to do so far though is they haven’t dropped a video skewering all of the candidates together, which Jimmy Kimmel just pulled off in one fell swoop.

I expect that we’ll see a few non-partisan Bad Lip Reading videos as we edge closer to the general election, but Kimmel certainly pulled ahead in the war of dubbing.