Hot Hotel Waitress Fired After She Was Found Naked In Orlando Bloom’s Suite After Her Shift

by 11 months ago

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There’s always one guy in the group that during a night out, he is absolutely convinced the waitress wants to bang him. Rarely, if ever, is that true. Except if you’re an A-list movie star, then the waitress isn’t working for tips, she’s working for the tip AMIRIGHT.

Welp, a waitress at London’s popular celebrity hangout Chiltern Firehouse risked her livelihood for one night of ‘incredible sex’ with her customer, Orlando Bloom.

According to The Sun, 21-year-old Viviana Ross was fired from her waitressing job when a manager at Chiltern Firehouse in London’s West End found her in Orlando’s five star suite after he had left. She was naked.

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