We FINALLY Know What Happened To Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ And Turns Out, It’s Not So Bad

by 2 years ago
what happened barb stranger things


Turns out that the many cries for #JusticeForBarb following season one of Stranger Things were all for naught.

Because as we learned from Sunday night’s MTV Movie and TV Awards, Barb (AKA Shannon Purser, who looks almost nothing like Barb in real life) is actually doing pretty well for herself there in the Upside Down.

Which is pretty amazing considering that the last time we saw her she looked like this…

what happened to barb stranger things


Little did we know that rather than being devoured by the Demogorgon, Barb was actually being seduced by the monster.

“I’ve been here since the ’80s!” Barb told host Adam DeVine when he was accidentally sent to the Upside Down by Allison Williams during the show. “We’ve made it our home.”

She even gave Devine a very solid explanation for how they all ended up “down there” and it involves weed.


SO glad everything seems to have worked out for her. We were all so very concerned.

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